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Adopt a curve between Chur and Arosa and support the first eco-fund of a tourist destination.


The marketing revenue of 360 curves goes into the eco-fond of Arosa, which sponsors various tourist offers and guarantees new activities in Arosa.

Arosa Promotion of Young Talents

In order for Arosa to stay a competitive holiday resort, it is important to support the young generation of the region with cultural, sports and social activities, such as for example the regularly held “Apprenticeship-Meetings”.

Arosa Destination Development

Since the early beginnings of tourism, Arosa was able to build a strong reputation as an exclusive holiday destination. Impressive buildings, a unique mountain panorama, an intact nature, clean water, fresh air, friendly and hardworking local people helped Arosa to its fame and popularity. Those strengths shall also be ensured for the next millennium. Arosa is well known to be ahead of its time. The means from the eco-fund assure that Arosa stays a top holiday destination in the future. Arosa understands that destination development is a combination of building tourist attractions, offer major events and yet always bear in mind the ecological impact.






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